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The Importance Of Printed Photos vs Digital Photos

Why The endless discussions about this will never reach its final conclusion. The importance of printed photos vs digital photos? Some professional photographers still don’t like the idea of giving a client digital version of images from their session. Often they fear that their professional work will be printed in a general, consumer level lab….

15th Wedding Anniversary

I love you, my soul! We met when we were just 19. Our first glance at each other was by an old and dusty entrance of a five-story building. Not the prettiest site I say. An intense second between us, a stare and we walked our ways away. Fast heartbeat, blurred mind and the scent…

4 Christmas Gift Ideas to Concider

Every year buying gifts for family and close friends are becoming harder and harder for me. I don’t particularly find it easy to come up with gift ideas when I know they already own most of their favourite things anyway. I try to be original every festive season. This year I decided to go old-fashioned….