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The Importance Of Printed Photos vs Digital Photos

Why The endless discussions about this will never reach its final conclusion. The importance of printed photos vs digital photos? Some professional photographers still don’t like the idea of giving a client digital version of images from their session. Often they fear that their professional work will be printed in a general, consumer level lab….

Personal Branding Photoshoot

When Emma approached me with the request to do her personal branding photoshoot I was over the moon. She is one talented coach, scientist, author of a book, a fabulous woman but above all, she is a coffee lover. Now, you can imagine how much fun the photo shoot was when there were two coffee lovers involved. No…

Studio Portrait Photography | Sixty & Sensational

  Women in their fifties and sixties lose their natural courage and willingness to celebrate their age, beauty and wisdom. Well, most of the time. Quite often I’ll have lengthy conversations with women during consultations about the beauty and grace, and the advantages that come with the age. About how their families don’t even think…