Dreamy Bridal Editorial

"dreamy bridal editorial"

"dreamy bridal editorial"

"dreamy bridal editorial""dreamy bridal editorial"

"dreamy bridal editorial"

"dreamy bridal editorial"

As creatives, we have a constant urge to improve our aesthetic, overcome our fears and evolve further. Our creative inner voice wants to be challenged. That is when we truly want to experiment new concepts and above all present meaningful designs and imagery. Imagery that truly reflects who we are as artists. I decided on breaking some personal barriers because of this and push myself to be adventurous and explore unfamiliar grounds.

The project “Dreamy Bridal Editorial” is a photo shoot that I have planned, produced and photographed during 2 weeks week. I collaborated with a few amazing vendors in the wedding industry. With these images, I tried to show that moment of softness and oneness of the bride before the ceremony. Often during the wedding day, brides do not have much time to spend alone and reflect on their lifestyle before they get married. Here I wanted to portray the importance of being one with yourself.

“Dreamy Bridal Editorial” was a success thanks to every single woman who took their time to be part of it. Here are their details in case you’d like to get in touch with them if you are planning a wedding.


Mode – Cathy Wilson

Hair & Makeup artist – Stephanie Alexandra

Dress – Christine @ The Cotswold Frock Shop

Veil – Heather Cooper

Crown – Bev Pile

Photography – Jasmine Photography


Much love